Tandoory Taco

Food With Attitude!

Tandoory Taco came to life when two MBA Alums from Boston Univ and Quinnipiac Univ crossed paths with a Chef from Food craft institute. They had a vision and passion for Indian food. One of them felt Indian food was very fresh and healthy, the other two felt it is sometimes overwhelming and too much of a niche. So the three decided to dial down Indian food.They wanted to differentiate themselves by serving Mexican tacos using fresh, seasoned Indian ingredients to make simple yet delicious food with attitude.

Tortilla = Roti, Salsa = Chutney, Jalapeno = Green Chili, Mexican Rice = Basmati Rice…the list goes on. But back to the point…our lip-smacking tacos! We love to brag that when you taste any of our mouth-watering, Indo-Mex tacos, you will experience the flavors of Indian herbs and seasoning, to an exceptional level. You'll never go back to normal tacos. Our food’s got Flavor, it’s got Kick, it’s got Attitude. That’s exactly the kind of food we like to serve You and the kind of food You have always deserved.

P.S. – If you’re a lover of straight up Indian food without being crazy spicy…like Biryani, Curry and Dosa…be excited, because we have all of that too. And it’s just as delicious as our freakin’ awesome tacos!

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