Teddy's Room

Teddy's Room

Teddy's Room is an upscale lounge located in Uptown that caters to Dallas' fun, trendy and sophisticated crowd.

The theme of the décor was inspired by the celebrated and distinguished and impressive life of Teddy Roosevelt.

Teddy's features and upscale lavish classy atmosphere with world-class live entertainment each night.

Early in the evening the night begins with an upscale lounge environment, great for starting the night off with a post-dinner martini / cocktail and as the night progresses, the vibe progresses to a lounge where the dance floor evolves. Then the live entertainment begins and acts as a catalyst to turn the already vivacious environment into a socially engaging one.

As the night progresses, so does the excitement. The hourly live shows feature world-renown dance performers supported by the best jazz trio in Dallas, The Rough Riders.

Teddy's Room is open threenights a week – Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – and features live entertainment each night.

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