The American Fitness Instructors And Trainers Association

A.F.I.T.A. is a four component program that includes education, individual and community fitness as well as corporate wellness.


The first component of A.F.I.T.A. is designed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of the trainer and fitness instructor by hosting specialized trainings and educational classes as well as providing a medical advisory board to assist with specialized program design and assist with medical challenges.


The second component of A.F.I.T.A. was designed to help the individual reach the goal of health and wellness by structuring an educational, fitness and nutrition program that they can follow with the aid of a fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutritional products and coaching.


The third component of A.F.I.T.A was designed to involve the entire community. A.F.I.T.A. will host various contests, sports camps, weight loss clinics, health and fitness expos in addition to private, semi-private, and group instruction.


Finally, A.F.I.T.A. will assist corporate programs to design and implement a wellness program for their facility or company. A.F.I.T.A. will design, plan, and staff the corporation or work with an existing staff to comply with state, federal and local insurance and funding expectations.