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Why Choose Us for Your New Flooring Purchase & Installation
We provide a free in-home quote where one of our Project Managers who provides expert consultation on guiding you through the maze of products and choices.
Then, we get you direct access to wholesale products and showrooms so you don’t have to pay retail price for your new floor. We do not mark-up prices.
Once you have selected your new flooring, we provide the best bonded, insured and qualified craftsman to install that floor at a competitive cost.
When It Comes to Your Hardwood Floors and Flooring Installation, Trust The FloorMan, Fort Worth & Dallas Hardwood Flooring
Your home’s floor probably isn’t something you think about all that much — that is, until that day when you take a good look at the scuffs and stains — and decide you need something better. When that day comes, call The FloorMan, Fort Worth & Dallas hardwood flooring and more.
The FloorMan is the Fort Worth & Dallas area’s specialist in hardwood floor installation and wood flooring repair. For three generations, we’ve helped Dallas and Fort Worth homeowners discover the joys of natural and hardwood flooring. No matter what your flooring needs are, count on quality craftsmanship, guaranteed results, and customer satisfaction to be the abiding guiding principles of this family business.
A quality home floor isn’t just cosmetic. It’s an investment that will add to your home’s value and ensure you won’t have to replace it after a few years of wear and tear. If you’re thinking about installing hardwood floors, tile flooring, or laminate, go with a company that knows its way around the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Call The FloorMan, Fort Worth & Dallas Hardwood.
ardwood Flooring in Dallas, Fort Worth
The FloorMan Dallas hardwood - Great Craftsmanship Hardwood FlooringNothing adds the beauty, warmth, and elegance to a home like hardwood floors do. But every home – like every wood – is unique. At The FloorMan, when it comes to hardwood floor installation, we’re seasoned pros. We’ll help you decide which wood flooring is right for your rooms and give you an exact estimate about how much work the installation will require.
Sanding, Staining and Refinishing Wood Floors in Fort Worth, Dallas
Existing floors looking worn? Getting your house ready to sell? We also offer hardwood floor refinishing and repair. Professionally finished hardwood floors are a big selling point if you’re getting ready to put your home on the market. If you’ve experienced damaged floors due to a flood or other misfortune, call The FloorMan, Fort Worth & Dallas hardwood, for a free estimate on reliable hardwood floor repair.
Laminate Flooring in Dallas and Fort Worth
Today’s alternative to hardwood floors, laminate flooring is more popular than ever. Laminates offer the richness and warmth of hardwood at considerably less expense. They’re easy to install, easy to care for, and highly durable, making them a great choice for families and busy homes. The latest laminate floors come closer than ever to resembling wood floors, making them an even more attractive option.
Let The FloorMan, Fort Worth & Dallas hardwood flooring, help you decide which laminate is right for your home and give you a free estimate for installation.
Tile Flooring in Fort Worth and Dallas
For centuries, stone floors represented the very best in craftsmanship and endurance. Nowadays, tile flooring offers homeowners the same aesthetic appeal and longevity found in historic manors. Tile is a popular option due to its beauty and durability. If you’re thinking about tile installation for one or more rooms, The FloorMan’s tile experts can help you select the right surface and shape. Call us for a free in-home estimate.
Wholesale Flooring in Dallas and Fort Worth
The FloorMan can provide you direct access to wholesale flooring materials. Not only that, we give you the best price on bonded, insured, and qualified craftsmen to install your floor. Don’t overpay for quality and expertise; call The FloorMan, Fort Worth & Dallas Hardwood flooring, if you’re thinking about new floors for your home. For homeowners in Fort Worth and Dallas hardwood flooring at wholesale prices can create a fantastic return on investment.
The FloorMan, for all your D.F.W flooring needs. Call us today for an estimate.