The Office Of Dr. Gary Brettmann, D.C.

Wellness club/Concierge care members save over 20% on Annual Care

"A chiropractic adjustment once a week, keeps you performing at your peak!"

Visit the office of Dr. Gary Brettmann who has been specializing for the past 25 years in traditional and non-force chiropractic techniques as well as stress management.
Stress is the root cause of all dis-ease. (Traumas, Toxins & Emotional).
Regular Chiropractic helps you manage stress' in your life better.

Dr. B is past President & current Vice-President of the Chiropractic Society of Texas.
We Guard & Preserve the 'Sacred Trust' of Chiropractic.

Our office is conveniently located on East Broad St. in Mansfield.

We accept: Cash/Check/Credit Card & Debit cards.
We accept all cases regardless of Medically diagnosed condition, and other Chiropractic offices ability to help. We are different, as we care for the individual, not the condition.

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