The Pearl Cup Espresso Bar

The Pearl Cup Espresso Bar

We are a “3rd Generation” Coffee shop, which simply means that we are a shop committed to custom flavor profiles that truly allow the taste of GREAT espresso to shine through. 

You can expect to find a traditional size cappuccino and our largest latte is 16 ounces.  

These drinks are typically served with two shots of espresso unless, of course, you ask for an additional shot.  This commitment to flavor profiles also lies in the Roasters we choose!  If you look behind the cup you will see Master Roasters that have forged relationships with the farms where they buy their coffee. 

This means they get the “pick” of the harvest and pay above “fair trade” for the beans. 

Those beautiful, directly sourced beans are then roasted in small batches to precise specifications. The Pearl Cup is making your coffee experience exciting!! 

You have a choice in your espresso!! 

The Pearl Cup serves 3 (THREE!!) great espressos!

There aren’t many shops across the US that offers 3 different espresso choices from 3 different roasters. 

The Pearl Cup believes our customers deserve choices!