The Waterton Group

The Waterton Group

Welcome to The Waterton Group; The only Dallas-based boutique firm specializing in one-on-one test preparation. The Waterton Group offers a truly customized SAT/ACT/PSAT experience reserved for the most affluent and ambitions students within the Dallas area. Our students typically go on to study at top universities after studying with Waterton. 

Competition for admission into top universities is growing. More and more international students apply to American universities each year. With a faltering economy, the college students attend is more important to employers then just ten years ago. This is why every student should do their best to attend a top school. Unfortunately, many students' SAT/ACT scores fall short of the minimum requirements because of insufficient, non-specialized instruction. The Waterton Group is the answer.

Simply stated, our tutors are the best in Dallas because The Waterton Group has the highest standards for tutors in the industry. They bring out the best in students through experience and patience. These strict standards limit the yearly capacity of The Waterton Group to 40-60 students per year. We would gladly hire the dozens of tutors that contact us every month, but most of them fall short of these minimum tutor requirements:

5 years one on one tutoring experience

A test score in the top 95% of test-takers

A bachelors degree from at least a 1st tier university

Successful completion of The Waterton Group's training and series of mock-tutoring sessions

About Management: 

James R. Denke, Executive Director. James is the founder and executive director of The Waterton Group. After scoring in the top 95% of test takers on the SAT and achieving a perfect 800 on the math portion of the test, James began tutoring the SAT/ACT in 1998. He was part of a team that helped build the Distance Learning department of the Princeton Review and acted as the principal SAT/ACT tutor for the lower Manhattan office through 2004. He then moved to build a financial training department for a boutique Wall Street brokerage firm from 2004-2005. Since 2005, James has been tutoring students from some of the most affluent and well respected families in both New York City and Beverly Hills. Upon returning to his home town of Dallas, James launched The Waterton Group in early 2009 to bring his skills and experience to Dallas-area families. James holds a bachelors degree in economics from New York's Fordham University.