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WABI BABY offers electric baby bottle sterilizers with in-built dryers, to keep the feeding bottles clean, safe and dry. For more, visit

WABI BABY is a baby care company that helps young parents by providing unique, creative and easy ways to cherish the joyous moments of parenthood. Taking care of babies and catering to their needs might seem like a daunting task to most of the first-time parents. Also parents who are career-driven and are always on the go, need a lot of assistance to balance both work and parenthood. Hence, we here at WABI BABY hope to help these parents through our simple to use and easy to maintain baby care products. During the crucial moments of her parenthood, Heidi, a mother of three herself, was able to see and understand the challenges a mother has to face while taking care of her new-born. Thus came into existence, WABI BABY, a baby care company that brings out cute little products to make those overwhelming moments of parenthood a lot easier to handle. As much as sterilizing a feeding bottle is essential, drying it is also an essential element of feeding a new-born baby. Hence, we here at WABI BABY have devised an electric baby bottle sterilizer that comes with an in-built dryer too. All it takes is a push of a button and while you play with your baby, the machine sterilizes and dries the bottle by itself, keeping it clean, safe and dry for your child. We have two variants of the sterilizer and dryer machine, a Steam Sterilizer & Dryer and a UV Sterilizer & Dryer. For more details on our baby bottle sterilizers, visit and