Book Your Gold Party DFW Fundraising

Book Your Gold Party Dfw Fundraising

With Gold For Good Fundraisers, everyone wins. Supporters profit from selling their old gold at top dollar and we donate a percentage to the organization. The most exciting fundraising idea in DFW.

Great fundraising idea for: Non-profits, School Organizations, Charities, HOAs, Community Groups and more.

In today's tough economy, non-profits and other organizations are struggling because supporters don't have the discretionary income to donate what they used to.

Well, have you ever thought about hosting a fundraising party with BookYourGoldPartyDFW? BookYourGoldPartyDFW provides an opportunity for non-profits and their supporters to benefit.


1. Our fundraisers do not cost your organization a single penny!

2. We cater the food, wine or other refreshments and provide invitations and FAQ materials!

3. The more $$$ supporters LEAVE with, the more $$$ the organization earns. Everybody wins!

4. We pay top dollar for your gold - guaranteed!

1. Choose your favorite organization - or the one that needs some financial help the most.

2. Host a party with BookYourGoldParty. The party can be hosted just about anywhere!

3. The host invites all of the organizations supporters (and friends) to the party and supporters bring their broken, old and unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

4. BookYourGoldPartyDFW will appraise the jewelry and offer to pay top-dollar.

5. BookYourGoldPartyDFW then pays the organization a percentage of the total party payout based on the following number of transactions: 10 or fewer=10%, 11-19=15% and 20 or more=20%!

6. Finally, BookYourGoldPartyDFW melts the jewelry and makes new jewelry which it then sells – that is how we can pay more for your gold! We also Recycle and are Eco-Friendly!