Brilliance Preschool & Academy

Brilliance Preschool & Academy

Brilliance Preschool and Academy was established in January of 1996 to fill a need for a high quality preschool education. In a period of six years, Brilliance has added Kindergarten, and 1st – 4th grades. This growth is directly attributed to the positive development that parents have witnessed during their children’s preschool attendance at Brilliance. Brilliance Academy’s approach to education is a blend of the best practices identified by three educators: Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, and Howard Gardner. In developing its methodology, Brilliance curriculum has taken into account the importance of a child’s early formative years, the cognitive phases of a child’s development, the benefits of learning through concrete experiences, and the evaluation of the eight intelligences as presented by Howard Gardner.


18 Month Pioneers
2-3 Explorers
3's Analyzers
4's Predictors
5-6 Investigators
1st-2nd Grade
3rd-4th Grade

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