Frisco Veterinary Center

Let’s be honest, you love your pet. Over the years he or she has become a part of your family and you want your little family member to have the best love and care possible. As we are animal lovers ourselves, we at Frisco Veterinary Center understand what you want out of your veterinary center. We strive to be a first tier facility to better care for both you and your pet.
Here at the VitalPet Frisco Veterinary Center, we strive to meet our patients need in every way possible. Our new state of the art facility features fully equipped patient rooms. This allows us to care for your pet in the best way possible. Even our waiting lounge is a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike other vets, you won’t feel stressed and frazzled as soon as you walk into the door. Above all we wish to serve you, and as such we seek to make it the best experience possible from start to end. It is because of this, that we are proud to offer extended hours to care for our patients. Why would you want to trust a vet who is a stranger when something goes wrong in the of the middle of the night? By offering round the clock medical care, we are able to offer a top of the line facility both day and night.
Our expert team of veterinarians can diagnose and treat any ailment your little friend might have. Whether it be something routine as dental care, or emergency critical care, our expert staff is here to help. By offering both everyday and emergency services, we seek to allow you to have one pet care team that you know and trust VitalPet Frisco Veterinary Center.