ROCK Farmers Market

Rock Farmers Market

Members of ROCK have access to the best in local and regional foods, such as raw milk cheese, pastured meats, and eggs that all come from GMO-free animals. In addition, members have access to local honey and both local and organic produce.

Not so long ago in the United States, food was a local community production. Farmers harvested their crops for their families and sold extras to friends, family, and neighbors. this was true not only of vegetables and fruits, but also meat. Wives and mothers sold extra eggs, bread, home canned jams and concoctions, and homemade cheeses to help provide for their family.

With the Industrial Revolution and the majority of the population moving to cities, more people needed food sources so the farmers and their wives sold to local grocery stores. The Great Depression and World War II began changing how we obtained food. Food started becoming a commercial process in order to preserve it for longer periods of time. Women found work outside the home to help with extras and the arts of canning and preserving, baking, and sewing were not always passed on to daughters like they had been in the past.

As a direct result of this evolution of food, we have factory commercial farms now. Most people don’t know where their food comes from or the processes involved in making it. The food on our shelves often contain toxic man-made chemicals instead of life-giving nutrition.

This is why ROCK Farmers Market and The Holistic Dietitian have come together to promote change! Our mission is to put local foods into the hands of consumers. We want to help educate people in the lost arts of home preservation and baking. We help families by giving them a place to sell their homemade goods so that they may help provide for their families. Most of all though we are helping people take back control of their health and their food which is a very positive thing for our community.

By providing local, organic produce, eggs, meats, breads, jams, and other pantry items ROCK can maintain a quality of food that is unsurpassed. By maintaining strict standards for only carrying local, organically produced products, ROCK provides their community with safe unadulterated food, the way it was intended by nature. This in turn produces healthy families. This is the ultimate mission of ROCK and The Holistic Dietitian- empowering families to take control of their health!

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