Charles On Call Massage And Wellness

Top Notch Outcall Massage Therapy in the comfort and convenience of your Condo, Home, Office, Hotel Room, Apartment, Vacation Rental, or other location. Highly skilled, personable, professional Massage Therapist who makes your stress, tension, aches, pains, jetlag and insomnia quickly disappear as you receive outstanding customer service and top notch quality care that is dedicated to giving you an excellent massage experience for your health and well being! Full Body Swedish Massage for those looking to lay back, relax and indulge or a Deep Tissue Massage if you're looking for a therapeutic session. *Stay in your own familiar surroundings *Be close to people or situations that may need to be monitored while still getting a great massage. *Don't get lost looking for a Massage Therapist's location. *I offer the same types of massage and bodywork that are available during an Incall massage session. *After your outcall massage you don't have to leave. There is no need to travel, you can just stay put and let the relaxation sink in.

Phone: (972)-891-5824 Rate Details: 1 Hour Swedish Or Deep Tissue Massage - $60 1 1/2 Hour Swedish Or Deep Tissue Massage - $90 2 Hour Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage - $120 Licensed Massage Therapist - MT105223 Relax and relieve stress, Regain youthful muscle and skin tone, Improve your flexibility & Strengthen your immune system. So wait no more....make the call, you deserve it!

I will arrive at your home/room 10 - 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to set up your massage environment. I supply all equipment massage table or chair, Thai mat, Thai Cushions, lotions and oils, music and sheets. All you need is an appointment. Minimum recommended space to perform table massage is 10ft x 8ft. The massage should preferably take place in a quiet room where your massage will not be interrupted. For your comfort, the temperature should be approximately 72 degrees, if this is not practical, please let me know, and I will bring more blankets. Enjoy a full body massage with no need to fight traffic or look for a parking space! Have the relaxation brought to you, and experience all the benefits of massage in the convenience in your own Condo, Home, Office, Hotel Room, Apartment, Vacation Rental, or other location.

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